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The 210-556-7808 is a research department which carries out research and PhD supervision across a wide range of domains of cognitive science, including memory, language, belief formation, perception in action, and reading. The Department hosts the 585-773-7199, which brings together researchers from the Departments of (910) 722-7273, Psychology and Linguistics at Macquarie University and thirteen other national and international institutions.

Latest Department News...

CCD Reading Program Statement on Dyslexia and Reading Impairment

Dispelling misconceptions during Dyslexia Awareness Week: what we mean (and don't mean) when we talk about dyslexia.

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Open Day

In our "Measuring Brain Activity" presentation, we discussed the new major in Cognitive and Brain Sciences while providing a fun and engaging EEG demo using the Emotiv EPOC system.

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Innovation and Scholarship Program 2015 Success

Dr Bianca de Wit and Dr David Kaplan have been awarded a project on "A scalable, cost-effective, and highly immersive labbased approach to undergraduate teaching in the cognitive and brain sciences".


Aston/Macquarie joint PhD scholarship for MEG studies of autism

Aston and Macquarie Universities invite applications from suitable candidates for a jointly funded, dual award PhD project on MEG studies of ASD.

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Rendered image of skull with cogs in place of brain

New Major in Cognitive and Brain Sciences coming in 2016

An undergraduate major in Cognitive and Brain Sciences to be launched next year.

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Child Writing Text

Reading Researchers open clinic to address learning challenges

The Macquarie Cognition Clinic for Reading is now open for business.

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  • Professor Jason Hollowell
  • Dr Olena Nikolenko
  • Dr Lianzhong Zheng
  • Dr Emmanual Chemla
  • Associate Professor Sara Hart
  • Dr Dona Jayakody
  • Dr Erik Chang
  • Dr Amy Dawel
  • Ellen Bothe
  • Samantha-Kaye Johnston
  • Dr Ryan Balzan
  • Dr Teresa Schubert
  • Jemma Collova
  • Derek Swe
  • Professor Stefan Schweinberger
  • Chloe Giffard
  • Kaitlyn Turbett
  • Dr Nichola Burton
  • Dr Clare Sutherland
  • Dielle Horne
  • Dr Britta Biedermann
  • Jonathon Love
  • Professor Sylvain Baillet
  • Dr Christos Pliatsikas
  • Professor James Douglas Saddy
  • Professor Ingo Bojak
  • Professor Tom Johnstone
  • Professor Matthew Lambon-Ralph
  • Dr Sharon Savage
  • Dr Donna Rose Addis
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